Artists at Fan Expo Canada

Finally getting back to normal.

While at Fan Expo, we also had some fun with the artists and customers.

One was Ellison Keomake who came all the way from Arizona:

Ellison borrowed the store demo iwata air compressor and airbrush and did some drawings.  Sorry but we didn’t get to take any pictures of his work.

A pleasure talking to Ellison.

And I personally got Melody Wang to sign one of her large prints.  Going to be hanged in the house back office / private desk area.

We also got to talk to Matt Wilkinson from Surreal Studios who showed his work on a custom made Little Shop of Horrors Audrey build.
Matt Wilkinson

There were lots of artist and some beautiful work. Just not enough time to see them all with the work needed at our booth and at the store.

Next year!

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