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German Tiger I Early Production kit 1/35 Scale Tamiya 35216


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About the German Tiger I Early Production
It was the end of 1942 when a German heavy tank with extra thick armor and a powerful main gun first appeared on the North African front. The new tank, long-desired by the German soldiers who had hard-fought battles against the allies, became known as the Tiger I Ausf. E. Development of the Tiger I began at the end of May 1941.

The German Army Weapons Branch ordered the Henschel firm to vie with Porsche in producing a prototype. The first prototypes underwent trials on April 1942. The result of these and subsequent trial showed the superiority of the Henschel vehicle to the Porsche’s, and thus production orders were placed for it. The Henschel’s prototype had thick armor of 100mm at the front and 80mm on both sides, and the main gun was the then most potent, the 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56. The power plant was Maybach’s HL 210 P45, yielding 650 horsepower.

Mass production started already in August 1942 with little alteration from the prototype. Starting from November 1942, air pre-cleaners were added on the rear hull plate. The mantlet was partly strengthened and “S” mine dis-chargers were fitted on five mounting points around the hull roof beginning from December. Moreover, a loader’s periscope was fitted from January 1943. The Tiger I produced from November 1942 to July 1943 featured these modifications, are referred to as the early production. About 200 units of these early production versions were produced.

Assembly and painting required. Kit does not include model cement glue, paint, tools, and adult supervision where required.

Scale: 1:35

Item # Tamiya 35216

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Steve Acker
Tamiya kits

Excellent kit . While not a detailed as many other kits , Tamiya tank kits are a dream to build and have enough detail that with some good painting and weathering they look really good and hold their own against way more expensive "super kits"

German Tiger I Early Production kit 1:35 Scale Tamiya 35216

This kit was a breeze to build.
I had no issues with the fit and I did a winter camo scheme that looks great!

Darryl Carpenter
1/35 Tamiya Tiger 1 Tank

Quick shipping and an awesome product. More detailed than expected but relatively easy to build as long as the instructions are continually consulted. Weak point is the poor detail on the commander but its no big deal as the rest of the tank is great.
Looking forward to painting and detailing.

Sergio Bernardi
Purchase of Tamiya tiger 1

I like very much tamiya model kits. They have very details and they are very easy to do it. Good quality for the price. I begun to make model kits at 15 and today i ‘m 58 and i still using tamiya products.

Sergio Bernardi
Paint and wash order

I received my order today ( 280276 ). Everything is allright. I’ m 100% satisfied. Faster service. I will continue to order from Sunwardhobbies. Thanks Angelo.