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Introduction: Metal Color is a new range of water-based metallic colors, especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of these new and innovative metallic colors,  the latest generation of aluminum pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula which results in a series of colors of exceptional resistance and adherence to plastics and metal.

Metal Color can be applied directly on models without the need for the use of a primer, although in the case of fuselages and components for airplane models it is recommended to first apply a glossy Black Primer to bring forth the unique and special quality of the aluminum finish. The range of Metal Color consists of 19 references, available in 32ml. bottles with a flip top/eyedropper closure.

How to Use: Shake well before using. Pour the paint directly into the cup of the airbrush, either undiluted or previously diluted with Thinner 71261. Colors can be mixed in the cup of the airbrush.

Metal Color dries almost instantly on the model and permits immediate application of aging processes such as the use of washes, pigments, and dry-brush techniques.  It is however recommended to wait an hour or so of curing time before manipulating the fresh layer of paint.

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Customer Reviews

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James Peters
Great colour.

As always Vallejo makes fantastic paints, and this is no exception. Great colour for painting anything that you want to look like steel that has been heated repeatedly.

Scott Hugill
Great kit

Great item, nice to see Canadian models. Sunward great price and quick shipping

Miguel Tejerina
Great metallics

Great, smooth, perfect consistency