K11 Metal Safety Scraper with 6 Blades by Excel 16011


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Excel Blades K11 Metal Safety Scraper is equipped with a heavy-duty metal frame that ensures your blade is sturdy and secure for safe use. Rust resistant coating allows for premium performance during extended periods of heavy usage and retractable blade to protect the blade during storage.

Made in the USA, the K11 Metal Safety Scraper is perfect for removing or scraping old paint, wallpaper, glue, decals, putty, adhesives, cork, stickers, labels, vinyl, tile, and caulk from smooth surfaces. The perfect tool for architects, painters, contractors, carpenters and car wrappers. Great for taking parking stickers off of a windshield.

The K11 Metal Safety Scraper fits Excel Blades #9
Includes (1) K11 Metal Safety Scraper (6) #9 Single Edge Blade
Made in the USA

Item # Excel 16011

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