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Milliput is a versatile manipulative two part epoxy putty which when mixed together sets rock hard. When first mixed, the putty is pliable and easily shaped. By wetting the Milliput with a finely woven moist cloth a very smooth finish can be easily obtained.

Terracotta Milliput has been featured in the gardening sections of national newspapers and leading gardening magazines.

Typical applications:

  • Model making
  • Sculpting
  • Picture frame restoration
  • Repair of Terracotta pots
  • Garden urns
  • Damaged brickwork
  • Quarry tiles internally and externally
  • Underwater applications


  • Self hardening
  • Non-shrinking
  • Tough and durable
  • Highly adhesive to most materials
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Sets under water and is electrically insulating
  • Moulds like putty – sets like rock!

Mix equal quantities of the two parts for at least five minutes until the
colours merge and become uniform and no streaks can be seen.

Milliput is then ready to use.

Speed of hardening is dependent on temperature and at normal room temperatures Milliput becomes rock hard in 34 hours.

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Item: MPP-4

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