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Mr. RETARDER MILD is an agent for retarding the drying of Mr. COLOR paints and eliminating lumps in brush-painted surfaces. In addition, it also greatly improves the smoothness of the Mr. COLOR paint film and thus dramatically increase luster.

Method of Use – With a Brush

  • Add approx. 10% Mr. RETARDER MILD to Mr. COLOR and mix well.
  • Mr. RETARDER MILD should be added after transferring Mr. COLOR to another container such as paint dish.
  • Your brush strokes should all be in the same direction. Don’t be concerned about any brush marks or lumps as these will disappear.

Method of Use – With an Airbrush

  • Add approx. 20% Mr. RETARDER MILD to Mr. COLOR and mix in well.
  • One of Mr. RETARDER MILD’S special features is that it is effective in thinning. Mr. COLOR paints produces more luster than Mr. THINNER. However, adding more than 20% delays drying time longer than required. If you want to thin Mr. COLOR more, you should use Mr. THINNER.
  • The method of application is the same as for regular spraying. However, be caution with paint. It may start to dribble.

GSI Creos ( Formerly Gunze Sangyo )

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