Tamiya German Panzer 38-t Ausf E-F 1:48 Scale 32583


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The Type 97 medium tank was a significant tank used by the Japanese army during WWII. It featured a low silhouette and was armed with a 57mm main gun and two 7.7mm machine guns. As it was initially developed for infantry support, it was ineffective for anti-tank roles and thus received upgrades during its production. This late version featured a more powerful 47mm gun mounted in a larger turret and an improved engine. It first saw action in May 1942 during the Battle of Corregidor in the Philippines and went on to serve as a mainstay tank for the Japanese army throughout the war.


  • Decals Included
  • Length: 98mm, width: 45mm.
  • Riveted hull armor plate is accurately captured
  • The model depicts a number of accessories such as towing cables, tools and more.
  • A weight is included to fit in the lower hull, giving the model an authentically heavy feel.
  • Comes with a torso figure depicting a tank commander.
  • 2 marking options are included

Assembly and painting required. Kit does not include model cement glue, paint, and tools. Adult supervision where required.

Scale: 1:48

Item: Tamiya-32583

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