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RAF Colors Desert Scheme & M.T.O. 1940-1945

This set has been  developed for the painting of all types of RAF aircraft with the color patterns “Tropical Land Scheme”, “Desert Scheme”, “Special Coastal Scheme”, etc. from June 1940 until the end of the War, in North Africa and the Mediterranean theatre.
The set includes the colors for the  air plane profiles and  camouflage patterns  drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of “Pieza a Pieza.


  • 71.306 Sky Blue
  • 71.108 UK Azure Blue
  • 71.113 IDF Blue
  • 71.313 Dark Mediterranean Blue
  • 71.324 BS Dark Green
  • 71.323 BS Dark Earth
  • 71.302 Sky Type S
  • 71.031 Middlestone

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