Questions and Answers on Club Projects

We received a few questions about Sunward’s announcement to sponsor Canadian club projects. We put together this ‘Question and Answer’ to clarify the sponsorship:

Q – what is a club project?
A – The agreement, design, and construction of a rocket by a local club members.

Q – Is there any restriction on what kind of rocket can be built?
A – No. But it must be safe and follow rules for sanctioned events.

Q – Do we have to buy all the build parts from Sunward?
A – No. There is no requirement to buy tubes, kits, parts electronics, etc from Sunward.

Q – What does “current Sunward / CTI customers” mean?
A – Member of the club should be current purchasers of CTI products from Sunward

Q – Can we use competitors’ motor hardware for the launch?
A – NO!

Q – Do the parts of the rocket construction have to be “New”?
A – No. Clubs can use existing supplies and parts from either the club itself or donations from members.

Q – Can the club modify a previous rocket?
A – No. The intent to is to start a new project to get members involved. Parts can be re-used but the new rocket should be a new build.

Q – What is a summary of the “flight experience?”
A – Blog posts, pictures, facebook post, etc during the build and or the launch event.

Q – Does Sunward need to approval these post(s) before posting.
A – No.

Please contact us for any questions.

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