Additional Update for CTI ProX Motor Orders for Canada June 2018

We have further updates on Cesaroni (CTI) high power motors from our first post back in May: Update for CTI ProX Motor Orders for Canada There is still no production on VMAX motors until further notice. Builders should not plan to use any Vmax motors in their launches or future projects until production restarts. Production … Read more

CTI Pro98 Closures Back in Stock

We now have Pro98 closures back in store after a long absence. The full line of Pro98 GEN 2 cases, closures, and accessories are now available and ship in 1-2 days. Canadian Orders: US orders: International orders: Please email us.  

Update for CTI ProX Motor Orders for Canada

Cesaroni (CTI) is now back in production, but inventory is very low as dealers replenish stock and fill back orders. After speaking with staff at Cesaroni, we can offer the following guidelines for ordering high power motors in Canada: The best way to get the desired motors is to place a pre-order 1-2 months ahead … Read more

Pro38 BULLETIN Forward Closure Failures

Pro38 BULLETIN Forward Closure Failures

Earlier in this summer Cesaroni Technology Inc issued a bulletin as to possible Pro38 failures. Sunward Hobbies did not pass on this information as no orders for Pro38 were made during the affected time period. There has been one claim from our clients so we are now issuing the information. Should any clients of Sunward … Read more

CTI Motor Availability Update

Cesaroni Technology Inc – CTI issued a press release today. This post is to summaries the effects on ordering high power motors from Sunward in the near future. Our best wishes for Jeroen. We have no further updates on his condition. The full press release: General-CTI-Statement-May-24-2016-v3-1.pdf When ordering from Sunward, please allow 2 to 3 … Read more

Questions and Answers on Club Projects

Questions and Answers on Club Projects

We received a few questions about Sunward’s announcement to sponsor Canadian club projects. We put together this ‘Question and Answer’ to clarify the sponsorship: Q – what is a club project?A – The agreement, design, and construction of a rocket by a local club members. Q – Is there any restriction on what kind of … Read more

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