• Replenishing Agent for Mr Color T115

Replenishing Agent for Mr Color T115


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This product is a replenishing agent for restoring Mr.Color that has higher viscosity or is dried in a bottle. Since coating resin that is not included in the Mr.Color thinner is included,the original performance of paint is restored.

By Mr. Hobby / Gunze /GSI Creos ( Formerly Gunze Sangyo )

Size: 250ml liquid

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Customer Reviews

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Douglas Cramer
Miracle cure for old Mr.Color paint pots

This is such a great product. With any other brand of paint your only cure for thick paint is to add more thinners or water(acrylics) and this degrades the quality of the paint.
This product is formulated with the necessary resins and additives to replenish even dried out bottles of Mr. Color

Robert Bean
The miracle cure for old Mr Color paint

This product saved over 50 mr color paints that I purchase a few years ago. Until hearing about this product from the manufacture, I thought I was going to have to chuck and buy all new. All of my older 'Fin" style cap paints have dried up almost completely. This was added in a 1:1 mixture(maximum recommended) and I let it sit overnight. It took a little stirring the next day, but it worked incredibly good. I also added a few ml to each of my flat style cap mr colors paints too. They had evaporated slightly over the last 24 months. All I can say is "GREAT PRODUCT"