MPC Star Wars Millenium Falcon Build and Review Part 9

MPC A New Hope Hans Solo Edition This is the ninth part of the MPC Star Wars A New Hope Hans Solo Millenium Falcon 1/72 Scale MPC953 build and review. I’ve received a lot of disgruntled comments over the past few years about adding panel washes to models. Many claim that real aircraft don’t have … Read more

The Modeler’s Basic Tools

The Essential Tools Required Plastic kit building is a hobby that can provide substantial enjoyment with minimal investment in materials and supplies. Let’s begin by discussing the essential tools required. While there are additional specialized tools that can enhance specific tasks, we will address later. The Hobby Knife The fundamental tool for building plastic kits … Read more

How-To Tamiya Lacquer and Acrylic Retarder

An introduction to Tamiya Paint Retarder A discussion on using Tamiya Paint Retarder for Lacquer Paints 87198 and Paint Retarder for Acrylic Paints 87114. You might have come across these products while you are browsing online or when you are in the hobby store. You might wonder what these are for, or you might already … Read more

How-to Thin Scale Model Paint and Clear Coats – Part 2

Thinning Lacquer, Varnish, 2K Clear, Enamel, and Polyurethane Skill set: Experienced to Advanced Time to read:10 minutes Introduction to Paint Thinners and Reducers: Getting it Right Paint thinners and paint reducers are one and the same, the only difference is the vernacular. Airbrushing has a lot of moving parts, figuratively speaking. Knowing the fundamentals of … Read more

How-to Apply Clear Coat Finishes

Lacquer, 2K Gloss, Varnish, Water-Based and Polyurethane Clear Coats Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Time to read: 8 minutes Part 1: Understanding the Airbrush: Setting Yourself Up for Success. There are two ways to approach painting a model, the first is to apply a colour coat and optionally, top it off with a clear coat, … Read more

Using Mr Replenishing Agent for Mr Color Paints

Mr Replenishing Agent If you’ve ever used Lacquer paints you’ll eventually find that some of the paints have stiffened up and become sort of gummy. You can try to mix this up with Lacquer thinner, but from my own personal experience, this really doesn’t get the job done and the paint will accelerate too fast … Read more

How to use Hobby Thinners

Basic Tips for Advanced Results – TECH-TIPS BY HARVEY LOW While this title may seem most basic and even somewhat “boring”, there are some basic rules and useful tips on using hobby thinners to get the most out of the hobby that can result in a first-class paint finish! First, there are generally three main … Read more

Revell LA Street Chopper Build and Review Part 1

Revell LA Street Chopper Build Part 1 – Unboxing and Initial Build In this Sunward Hobbies Article, I’ll be highlighting the Revell “LA Street Chopper” Model Kit 1/8 Scale RMX. This kit is known as kit No 85-7326 or 17326. This is a highly detailed model kit and deserves as much time you can invest … Read more

Revell 1980 Ford Bronco Bass Boat and Trailer Set Build Final Part 6

Ford Bronco Bass Boat & Trailer Build Final Part 6 In this Sunward Hobbies build tutorial article I’ll be finishing the “Gone Fishing”. An amazing model with plenty of options which you can build so many different options. You will see decal adjustments and the added fine detail parts. The Revell 1980 Ford Bronco with … Read more

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