New AK Interactive Books at Sunward Hobbies

We have 4 new books in stock. These include: Doomsday Chariots Modeling Post Apocalyptic Vehicles AKI 258 Paper Panzer Prototypes AKI 246 Dioramas FAQ 1.3 Extension AKI 8150 Modelling Full Ahead 2 New Orleans Class AKI 895 These are full colour issues with lots of details and how to. In stock and shipping across Canada … Read more

AK Interactive 3rd Generation Paint Sets now Available at Sunward Hobbies

These paints can be easily mixed with each other, allowing for the hassle-free creation of smooth transitions between lights and shadows. They can be applied by brush, taking advantage of the 3rd generation high coverage and adhesion. Diluted can be airbrushed as easily as lacquer-based paints. Each set contains 6 acrylic paints. Available: Human Flesh … Read more

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