Pinning Plastic Model Kit Parts Made Easy

An Easy Way to Pin Parts while Building Models In this Sunward Hobbies Tutorial I’ll be showing you a handy technique to increase the security of your parts attached to the model. You’ll see how easy it is to pin parts along with creative tips to give your project a more animated real-life look. All … Read more

Novus Plastic Polishing System Tutorial

How to Remove Scratches on Plastic Parts A great way to remove scratches on clear canopies and sprues In this Sunward Hobbies tutorial you’ll be seeing a great product, Novus Plastic Polish. I’ll give you some tips on general best practices along with my observations. All the products used in this article, unless otherwise stated, … Read more

Revell USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier CVN-65 1/400 Scale now at Sunward Hobbies

This limited edition re-issue has lots of detail and included model plane kits, movable elevators, missile launchers, decals, and a display stand with a name plate. It also features a one piece hull. In stock and shipping across Canada and the USA:

New Revell Kits at Sunward Hobbies

We have 3 new Revell kits. These include: Revell ’62 Chevy Impala SS Hardtop 3’N1 85-4466 Revell Dom’s ’71 Plymouth GTX 2’N1 85-4477 Revell Monogram 1978 Chevy El Camino 3N1 85-4491 In stock and shipping across Canada and the USA:

New Model Kits December 6 2014

New Model Kits December 6 2014

We now have the following new kits at our store: Dragon– 88mm Flak 36 Hasegawa – Mikoyan-29 Fulcrum Ukrainian Air Force Moebius – Batman Polar Lights – Batmobile Minicraft – A6M2 Zero Tamiya Flakpanzer Gepard M3 Lee British Armored Scout Car Revell USS Constitution Porsche Carrera Cabrio Dassault Mirage 2000 DHC-6 Twin Otter 2013 Challenger … Read more

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