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New Models and Paints Set Now at Sunward Hobbies

We are pleased to have the following new kits and sets in stock:
Tamiya Spray Paint TS Cobalt Green 89974 Limited Edition

Sunward Hobbies to Exhibit at TORCAN Model Show

We will appear as a vendor at the show to be held at:
Century Gardens Recreation Centre, Brampton, Saturday, May 6, 2017

Full details at the TORCAN site:

We will have limited stock so if you will be attending the show and would like to se something specific, let us know.

Badger Aspire Pro TC-910 Re-Stock at Sunward Hobbies

We have had a large re-stock on Badger Aspire Pro TC910 airbrush compressors:

In addition, we have had many Badger airbrushes re-stocked:

Now shipping across Canada.

Model Master Paints Now Available at Sunward Hobbies

We now have the complete line of Model Master Paints from Testors.

These include:

  • Car and Truck Enamels
  • Car and Truck Enamels spray cans
  • Federal Standard - FS
  • International Military and Figure Enamel Paints

Each listing includes the colour chart for the paint line.

A full colur selection chart is available:

Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for Saturday April 8 2017 A GO

A GO! for Saturday

LS2 - Paisley field.

The field is in fair condition at this time, however the significant rainfall experience today and conditions anticipated tomorrow will result in some flooded low lying areas. Please come prepared for some isolated wet conditions.

From 11am on. Mini launch as therre will be limited launch pads. Bring your own if possible.

Club information:

Large Vallejo Paint and Kit Re-Stock

We have had a large re-stock of all Vallejo Paints and accessories. New stands, books, and paint sets:

In stock and shipping across Canada.

AK Interactive Primers Molotow Masking and Vallejo Re-stock at Sunward Hobbies

Now available from Sunward Hobbies:

AK Interactive Primers and Microfillers:

Molotow Masking Marker and Refill

with re-stock on 2mm Chrome Marker

Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for March 19 2017 A GO



Mohawk field. Map is on the club web page. Weather conditions will be cold. Directions:

Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for March 11 2017 Postponed

Bad field conditions.

A tentative date is set for Saturday March 18, 2017, rain date of the 19th. A decision will be made later in the week.

Club information:

Weathering Washes Filters and Books from AK Interactive Now Available

A large selection to choose from:

In stock and shipping across Canada

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