How to Take Great Scale Model and Miniature Figure Photos with Your Phone

Photos of Your Builds or Figures for Social Media Taking great photos for social media can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or want to share your experiences with friends and family, some key tips can help you take better photos with your phone, tablet or camera. First, consider your … Read more

How-to Thin Scale Model Paint and Clear Coats – Part 2

Thinning Lacquer, Varnish, 2K Clear, Enamel, and Polyurethane Skill set: Experienced to Advanced Time to read:10 minutes Introduction to Paint Thinners and Reducers: Getting it Right Paint thinners and paint reducers are one and the same, the only difference is the vernacular. Airbrushing has a lot of moving parts, figuratively speaking. Knowing the fundamentals of … Read more

How-to Apply Clear Coat Finishes

Lacquer, 2K Gloss, Varnish, Water-Based and Polyurethane Clear Coats Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Time to read: 8 minutes Part 1: Understanding the Airbrush: Setting Yourself Up for Success. There are two ways to approach painting a model, the first is to apply a colour coat and optionally, top it off with a clear coat, … Read more

Advanced Airbrush Maintenance – Lubrication

Airbrush Maintenance 101 – Lubrication Skill Level: Advanced A smooth-operating airbrush is a joy to use. Parts glide over and through each other with ease. A well-maintained airbrush can last a lifetime with proper and preventive care. Metal parts slide on each other with ease when using frictionless airbrush lubricant. Seals remain soft and pliable, … Read more

Advanced Plastic Cement and Cyanoacrylate Use for Styrene: Part 3

Using Cyanoacrylate as a Tool Skill Set: Experienced to Advanced Learning to Work with Cyanoacrylate Understanding What is Going On: The Science Modellers have a love-hate relationship with cyanoacrylate, some avoid using superglue altogether. Many consider it difficult to work with. Others find their fingers stuck together all too often. Those in the know, love … Read more

Advanced Plastic Cement and Cyanoacrylate Use for Styrene: Part 2

Using Plastic Cement and Cyanoacrylate as a Tool Skill Level: Experienced to Advanced In Part 2 the use of Hot and xHot plastic cement types are covered. Improper use of these solvent weld products may irreparably damage an expensive model, subassemblies or component parts. Exercise caution when used. Hot and xHot solvents have a high … Read more

Advanced Plastic Cement and Cyanoacrylate Use for Styrene: Part 1

Using Plastic Cement and Cyanoacrylate as a Tool Part 1 Skill Level: Experienced to Advanced More Than A Bonder We tend to use what we have always used or started out with when it comes to our favourite plastic cement. Seldom do we change or give it a second thought. If it is something we … Read more

How-to-Use Liquid Cement for Plastic Models

Using Plastic Cement Types as Assembly Tools Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Plastic Cement Types In this article, we will discuss and examine how different types of cement are used as a tool when bonding styrene (High Impact Polystyrene – HIPS) parts together found in model kit plastic and white styrene scratch building material. Unlike … Read more

How to Paint with AK Interactive Real Colors

Using AK Interactive Real Colors Acrylic Lacquer Paint Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Real Colors Development AK Interactive created a gold standard in acrylic lacquer paint based on research, actual colour chips and equipment samples used by different nations. ANALYZING THE ORIGINAL COLORS For the study of preserved equipment, recognized and independent laboratories undertook the … Read more

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