New Items at Sunward Hobbies December 8 2014

New Items at Sunward Hobbies December 8 2014

We are pleased to announce the following new items are now available: Bob Smith Industries: 15 Minutes Mid Cure Epoxy 9 oz Size BSI-204 Insta-Set Accelerator for CA Cyanoacrylate Glue Spray Aerosol BSI-155 30 Minutes Slow Cure Epoxy 9 oz size BSI 206 Magic the Gathering: in Foreign Languages: Holiday Gift Box … Read more

New Foam Cure from Bob Smith Now Available

foam cure_0

We are pleased to have available new Foam Cure adhesive – great for EPP – Expanded Polypropylene (such as foam airplanes) and other foams. In stock and available from online and our retail store: Online1oz size and 4 oz size They are available at our retail store: we have moved to an online store:www.sunwardhobbies.caContact:

New Bob Smith CA Glue, Testors Clear Cement, Testors Decal Making

testors 9198_1

We are please to announce new Bob Smith CA glues, bottle tips, and applicators: Bob Smith CA cyanoacrylate Extra CA Tips for Bob Smith CA CA Regular Tip Applicator from Bob Smith New Testors Clear Cement:Testors Clear Parts Cement and Window Maker 1 Decals Paper and accessories:Testors Decal Bonder Spray … Read more

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